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This articles applies to: individuals needing to display content in SC&I classrooms
Pre-requisite(s): none

Teaching with Technology in a SC&I Classroom

What You Need

Just your course material – bring it with you on a flash drive or store it online.

ITS recommends using the in-room technology for the most reliable and hassle-free experience. When using in-room technology you can rely on the full support of the SC&I IT Services and the Rutgers-New Brunswick Digital Classroom Services teams.

SC&I classrooms include

  • a podium
  • computer with internet access
  • projector
  • and screen

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

What You Need

An HDMI or VGA port on your device, or a special adapter for your device that will allow you to plug in the HDMI or VGA cables in the room. HDMI and/or VGA connections are required to display your device’s content on the room projector. 

If you don’t have the necessary port or adapter to enable you to use your personal device in a SC&I class/meeting room, you will need to purchase a special adapter. IT Services does not provide laptop adapters for personal computers; we also cannot provide support for technology issues with personal laptops or other devices.

Video Conference Calls

Regardless of whether you use in-room equipment or BYOD, you will need access to video conference software and an appropriate camera/mic setup for classroom use. SC&I ITS provides instructors with complimentary access to WebEx and a webcam/mic device for loan in a classroom.

Teaching in other Rutgers Buildings

SC&I IT office does not have the authority or knowledge to support a non-SC&I class. Please contact Digital Classroom Services for more information.

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