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This article applies to: all SC&I faculty and staff, PhD students

Who is eligible to use the poster printing service at SC&I?
The poster printing service is open to SC&I faculty, staff for SC&I related business only.

What are the content requirements?
The posters should include Rutgers or SC&I logo. For special events that a logo can not be included, please seek approval from the IT Office in advance.

Download SC&I logo here.

How much does it cost to print?
Qualified posters will be printed free of charge. Please be considerate and proofread your job to avoid unnecessary resubmission.

When can I expect to receive my printed poster?
The IT Office asks for 48 hours’ notice (excluding weekends and holidays). Most of the time you will get the posters the next day.

What is the size limit?
We can print up to 36-inch wide, unlimited length posters. We stock 24-in and 36-in rolls. So posters with one side to be 24″ or 36″ are the easiest to produce.

What are the materials supported?
We stock 24-in and 36-in semigloss photo paper rolls.

What is the file format requirement?
PDF files are the best to preserve the original format and scalability. Pictures may become pixelated when enlarged.
We ask you not to submit Word, PowerPoint or other editable file formats, as the format and layout may change depending on the version of the APP.

How to submit a printing request?
Please email the PDF file to help@comminfo.rutgers.edu. Please specify the size and deadline for the print job.

Can I pay for my personal poster printing?
Due to limited resources, we do not provide printing for personal needs at this time. Please contact Alexander Library for those needs.

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