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This articles applies to: full- and part-time faculty, full-time staff, and PhD students
Pre-requisite(s): active employment or PhD role at SC&I, copier access code


Please note: Photocopy service is limited to faculty, staff and doctoral students only.

    1. Load the original document to the document feeder on top of the machine, or lift the top to use the flatbed scanner.
    2. Press the Copier function from the touchscreen.
    3. Enter the copy code in the user code field that pops up on the touchscreen. Faculty and staff – request your code here.
    4. (skip to step 5 if advanced options are not needed) If needed, adjust the copier properties as the following:
      • To adjust color, select the desired option on the left portion of the touch screen.
      • To adjust duplexing and copy size, select the desired options on the middle of the touch screen
      • From non-standard original document, open the bypass tray located on the right side of the printer ( indicated by an icon featuring a hand on top of a piece of paper) and place the paper in the tray. The machine should be able to automatically get the page size.
      • To make multiple copies, enter the number using the number pad on the right side of the touch screen.
      • To use staples and hole punching, select the Finishing – Finisher options on the lower middle portion of the touch screen.
    5. In most cases, press the green Start button to start copying
    6. Log off your account after copying by pressing the home button on the bottom of the screen.

Device Locations:

Community accessible copy machines/printers are located at the following locations:

    • SC&I main building first-floor lobby
    • SC&I main building Room 202 (2 devices available)
    • SC&I main building Room 335
    • SC&I Annex A first-floor lobby
    • SC&I Annex B third-floor doctoral office
    • Simeon De Witt building second-floor lobby

Appropriate Use:

    • Every department has a unique copy code for accounting purposes. Do not share the copy code with any unauthorized person.
    • Publications may be subject to copyright protection. The users are responsible for understanding and complying with the copyright laws and restrictions.

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