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This articles applies to: all SC&I individuals with a valid NetID
Pre-requisite(s): a valid NetID, a Rutgers ID card, Rutgers Secure WiFi connection


  1. While on campus, connect to WiFi (“RU Wireless Secure”)
  2. Once on WiFi, install the WiFi printing app

Already installed?

Wireless printing technology is the same across the Rutgers campuses. If you see “nb_color” and/or “nb_bw” as listed as available printers, you can print to those and swipe your card like you print elsewhere.

Sending a print job

Note: you will need a Rutgers ID card to retrieve your WiFi print jobs

  1. When you’re ready to print, select nb_bw or nb_color from your list of available printers
    • you’re print job has now been sent to all New Brunswick campus printers, including SC&I printers
  2.  Swipe your Rutgers ID card at your preferred printer to release your print job (charges may apply, see below)

WiFi printing has the following features and limitations:

  • print in black/white (nb_bw)
  • print in color (nb_color)
  • duplex (double-sided) printing
  • stapling and other “finishing” options are not available

Printing Charges

Undergraduate and Graduate SC&I Students

Staff, Faculty, and PhD

  • Varies
    • no charge for jobs released on SC&I printers; page limits in place
    • standard Rutgers printing charges apply for jobs released at campus printers (outside of SC&I)

SC&I Printer Locations

There are additional printers across campus from which you can release WiFi print jobs.

  • CI-121 (hallway in front of room 120 of 4 Huntington St. building)
  • CI-335 (graduate student computer lab of 4 Huntington St. building)
  • ANX-A (foyer of 192 College Ave., Annex A building)
  • ANX-B (3rd floor PhD hub of 194 College Ave., Annex B building)
  • SDW (3rd floor of 185 College Ave., Simeon DeWitt building)

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