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This articles applies to: SC&I users who have been granted access to Citrix Applications
Pre-requisite(s)A Rutgers NetID with Duo multi-factor authentication
  1. In a web browser, please visit https://ctx.rutgers.edu/ We recommend using Google Chrome.
  2. Login with NetID credentials.  Note- You may be prompted for two-factor authentication.
  3. Click “Detect Receiver” button (blue button in middle of the screen).
  4. Download and run the Citrix Receiver/Workspace installer.
  5. Go through the default Citrix Receiver /Workspace installer options.  When prompted by the intsaller, do not select the “Add Account” option and click Continue.  Then complete the install process as needed.
  6. After Citrix Receiver is installed, go back to your web browser and click “Continue” (blue button in the middle of screen).
  7. Click “Open Citrix Receiver Launcher” on Windows or the “Open Citrix Workspace Launcher.app” on Mac.  Chrome users should make sure to enable the “Always allow ctx.rutgers.edu…” checkbox before proceeding.
  8. Click “Apps” button (on top bar)
  9. Select an application under “All Apps” section to automatically open it with Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspaces.Note: Do not click on the targeted application button more than once, depending on your computer specifications loading times may vary. Your application will then load in a separate window.

Opening and Saving Files
Within your remote app session you may want to open or save a file from/to your personal computer. The process for doing so is quick and easy.

  1. For example, within the SPSS application go to File -> Open or Save As.
  2.  If you are using a Mac, you may be prompted for file access. Select “Read & Write”.
  3. Under the “Look In” dropdown, scroll down to your personal computer listed as “Local Disk (X on…)”, where X is a local hard drive letter and name assigned. Select it.
  4. Browse to the path on your personal computer that you wish to save/open within your Citrix application. For example, the path to “Downloads” on Mac would be Users -> username -> Downloads.
  5. When you are done using the Citrix app, quit Citrix Receiver/Workspace app normally and then Log Off from Citrix Storefront in your web browser.

Need Help?
If you have questions or need assistance with Citrix Apps, please contact the SC&I IT Services helpdesk at (848) 932-5555 or help@comminfo.rutgers.edu.

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