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  4. How to Access and Configure a SC&I Email/Calendar Account via “Rutgers Connect”
This articles applies to: all SC&I employees conducting University business (teaching, day-to-day operations, administration and support, etc.) 
Pre-requisite(s): a valid NetID, an active role/contract with Rutgers University (and/or SC&I directly)
Additional Resources: Rutgers email and calendar policy 70.1.6, Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy

Instructions – Log into your SC&I-Rutgers email account on the web

  1. Go to connect.rutgers.edu
  2. Sign in with your SC&I login address and NetID password
  3. You are now logged in and can access your email inbox, calendar, and a suite of other Microsoft products

Pro Tip: use your Rutgers email account to download free copies of Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more). 

Instructions – Set a Custom @rutgers.edu email address

  1. Go to “Manage Email Addresses” on the NetID Management App.
  2. Sign in with your NetID and NetID password.
  3. Configure your email addresses:
    • Section 1: 
      • You may have up to 3 @rutgers.edu email addresses: one is set as YourNetID@rutgers.edu, you may personalize up to two more.
    • Section 2: Delivery Email Account
      • This should be set to YourNetID@connect.rutgers.edu
        • If you are unable to change this, please contact us.
        • Rutgers Connect email cannot be forwarded to personal email accounts outside of the Rutgers University email system.
    • Section 3: Official Rutgers Email Address
      • Specify your preferred Rutgers email addresses to be shown in the Rutgers University directory.
    • Section 4: Rutgers Connect Account Information
      • Select your preferred personalized @rutgers.edu email address.
        • This will be the email address you publish and will send/receive email as; we recommend not using your NetID@comminfo.rutgers.edu login address as your email address.

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