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  4. How do I open files from my personal computer within AWS AppStream?
This articles applies to: Faculty and students who are provisioned a SC&I AppStream account for the purposes of accessing software remotely.
Pre-requisite(s): You must be actively enrolled in a undergraduate/graduate class which grants access to AWS AppStream as part of course work, or an active PhD student.


  1. Log in to AppStream 2.0.
  2. Launch the Appstream APP (e.g. Microsoft Project).
  3. Once an AWS AppStream application is open, you may load data through the “My Files” icon. Click on the “Folder” button up at the top left, it looks like this :
  4. The “My Files” interface will then load, then click on “Home Folder”.
  5. In the Home Folder is where files/folders should be placed from your personal computer which can then be loaded by an AppStream application. Click on the “Add Folder” or “Upload Files” buttons and upload the files/folders of your choice to the Home Folder.
    1. IMPORTANT NOTE:¬†Avoid uploading any files/folders with spaces in them, otherwise you may have problems opening or saving this data later on. For example, a file with spaces would be called “My File.pdf”. Please rename any files/folders with spaces in them before proceeding to upload to Home Folder.
  6. Once the files/folders are uploaded to the Home Folder, click the “X” on the top right of “My Files” to close the interface.
  7. Within your AppStream application of choice, go to the File -> Open menu.
  8. Click on the “Browse” button to open File Explorer. Then within File Explorer, click on “This PC” on the left pane. It looks like this:
  9. Double-click on the “Home Folder” folder. Once inside you will then see the files/folders from your personal computer. Select the file/folder and click the “Open” button to load the file into your AppStream application.
    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your AppStream application may hang for a short time (average wait time is 10 seconds to 3 minutes depending on file size) before your file loads successfully. Simply allow the application to hang, do not attempt to close your application while this is in progress.

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