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This articles applies to: Full-time faculty, Part-time lecturers 
Pre-requisite(s): Access to the SC&I ITS Scantron-dedicated computer in CI-335
The benchmark scanner will be decommissioned on May 17, 2019.

It is being replaced with an electronic tool called Akindi that is available in Canvas. Contact sci-idts@comminfo.rutgers.edu for additional information. Instructors are encouraged to limit use of the scanner due to it’s decreasing reliability and stability. 

  1. Format student roster
    Note: The roster shall be saved as a .csv file with the students’ RUID, first name and last name in 3 separate columns.
  2. Log in to the iMac in Room CI-335
  3. Launch the DataLink Connect Application
  4. Ensure the device is connected
    • If the device is not connected properly, the main screen will display a “Disconnected” indicator in the bottom-left corner.
    • If this is the case, disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the back of the scanner. This will reset the connection with the computer. Choose No if asked to use Network resources.
  5. Upload student roster
    • Click File – Student Database. A new window will be displayed
    • Click the Import Students button and complete the prompt that appears
  6. Register the answer key
  7. Place the test sheet containing the answers onto the scanner. Make sure the “key” bubble is filled in at the top of the page
  8. Press the run button. The key should be automatically sent through the machine and the key will appear on the screen
  9. Scan tests
    • Place all the test sheets onto the tray and press the run key. As each test is scanned, the scores and the corresponding student information are displayed on screen
  10. If some answer sheets do not have names
    • Check if the student filled the Student ID section.
    • Check if your roster file has the correct ID. Since Excel may omit the leading 0 in the student ID, format that column as Text.
  11. If any sheet is pulled under the machine, it was not read correctly. Follow any instructions displayed, make sure the paper is clearly marked and try again.
  12. Save and Export results
    • To save the information to be opened later by the Datalink Connect software, click File
      Save AsAPXT. This file can be reopened only with the Datalink software.
    • To save the information in another format, click File and then click Export As. This will give the options to choose among several different PDF and Excel formats for future data analysis.

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